Darren Chadwick-Hussein

DCH Management

2 Hare Court, Temple, London EC4Y 7BH UK

Phone: 020 3892 8509

E-mail: darren@dchmanagement.co.uk

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At DCH Management we believe that each client is a person, not a commodity. We strive to ensure our clients are treated fairly and with respect.

We continue to support our existing client base as well as nurture new and exciting talent.

We are especially interested in those who feel underrepresented by other agencies.

Though not currently a member, we strictly abide by the PMA’s Code of Conduct.
If you are interested in being represented please email us. Let us know a little more about yourself and include a link to your Spotlight page featuring a current showreel containing a minimum of two recent projects.

Please note we currently do not represent anyone under the age of eighteen years old.